Know the Benefits of E-tender

Written by: Wilbert Flores

In a fast-paced world we live in, almost everything can be done online— from socializing, informing, marketing and even purchasing items. Now the world of tendering can also be done online. By definition, tender means the whole process of bidding for a project and then accepting a formal offer. Tendering is a common process in government procurement.    Who would have thought that the whole tendering can now be done online? The online process of tender is also known as e-tender.

When e-tender comes to mind, we think of it as a more convenient process than the conventional one. Aside from convenience, we listed more benefits of using e-tender:

  1. E-tender is best for beginners

The whole procurement process is tedious, and there are high chances that beginners might get confused along the way. One of the best ways to combat this is by e-tender. E-tender guides you to the whole process— from submitting an expression of interest to uploading the needed documents.

  1. More efficient than paper

Most of e-tender have fool proofing to it, not allowing an e-tender submitted unless the mandatory sections were filled. Moreover, the online process allows you to pick up where you left off, so you do not have to worry about not submitting all the documents at a time.

Although, one thing you should be mindful about e-tender is to always save your work. Nothing beats being cautious of what you are doing.

  1. All of your documents in one place

E-tender guides you all throughout the process. This also means that you are guided of the necessary documents you need. In other words, you get to have all of your documents in one place.

Part of e-tender’s fool proofing is not proceeding to the next step unless you have submitted the document. Now, you do not have to worry on not completing a bidding or tender document.

  1. Easily manage supplier’s bids

This is in relation to having all of your documents in one place. Since e-tender focuses in sending invites and the submission of bids, all you have to worry about is attending to the bids and checking their submission. Think of e-tender as your helping tool in multi-tasking, as it does many of the tasks for you!

  1. Track the progress of your e-tender

Since all of your documents are online, it is easier to track the progress of the procurement process. As long as you make use of the tools efficiently, you are good to go.

Aside from keeping track of your progress, you can also get notifications of any changes in your Pre-qualification Questionnaire and tender. This is perfect, especially for those who tend to forget things easily and those who want to have a good overview on top of things.

Undeniably, the internet has changed the way we store, receive and disseminate information. It is time we make use of the internet wisely, and e-tender is one of its best examples. In a way, e-tender can be disadvantageous as it automates the process. Nevertheless, making wise use of it outweighs the disadvantage.



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