Small Builders on How to Win Construction Tenders

Creating a tender for a construction project can be time consuming and complicated, particularly the first time around. It’s an immediate road block for a small builder with little spare time.

Here’s a guide to construction tender writing and how to win big on tenders listed on any of the major bid sites like Austender, Australian Tenders and Tenderlink, Tender Search, ICN Gateway.

A Builders Guide to Construction Tenders

Understanding the expectations of the client is as important as your compliance details when it comes to tendering. For a home renovation, this purchase is probably biggest single transaction of a client’s life. It is a big deal to giving you their hard earned and saved dollars.

Let’s first look at a different purchasing scenario, to help you get into the client’s state of mind:

You are about to book a holiday. You decide to purchase a flight from Qantas online. What are your expectations?

Nothing less than a professional, well-polished electronic ticket or brochure with your itinerary emailed to you right?Why? because this is the brand and industry benchmark.

Now think about your client – the one paying significantly more than your holiday budget. What are their expectations? What is the benchmark you need use to meet those expectations?

Exceed expectations

Tendering is a valuable opportunity to communicate your experience, professionalism and overall understanding of the client’s needs. You only have one shot so when reading your tender, a client should be able to easily identify: more



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