SAVING is The New Tendering Language: David Lunn

saving method image

NO one needs reminding that times are tough in resources sector markets.

Cost reductions, savings and efficiency improvements have always been important; however aggressive ‘cost down’ processes have become the new supply norm and ‘savings’  the new currency.

The problem is that too many contractors and suppliers think about savings in a one-directional context – price reduction.

Although this is the most obvious means by which competitiveness and benefits to customers can be demonstrated, it is not the only way.

Resources sector customers may also be open to savings being demonstrated in ways other than cutting prices. However these savings ideas are worth nothing unless tenders and proposals clearly show how customers will benefit and why these savings will be better than competitor offerings.

This can be achieved by adapting the tendering approach to align with three new tendering realities. Please subscribe to receive latest industry news, best tender tips and  training events read more


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